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What Archi-tect BV Is About

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Shaping The Future

An architect situated in the heart of Europe Brussels and in Flanders Meise .
Every mission is to be approached with a good balance between the unbounded three-dimensional space, the light, some modernism and the area, which will be involved.
Thinking of new ideas in combination with technical and financial restrictions will aim in a new architecture that have not been seen or experienced by the client.
Finally the target is to offer our client a solid model where moving around between walls, walking upon floors and being protected by roofs is the source of his personal needs.
Co-housing with nature is already integrated in our way of making constructions.
We also refer tot the Declaration of Davos 2018 – about Baukultur.
The Davos Declaration 2018 marks the starting point of the ongoing Davos Process which aims to continue the discourse on Baukultur.  Core terms of the Declaration such as “quality”, “joint responsibility” and “cultural sustainability” are scientifically consolidated. At a political level, better policies are implemented  which embrace the culture-centred concept of Baukultur and integrate the vision of a high-quality Baukultur as a core policy objective.


Nieuwbouw, verbouwingen, restauratie, deskundig onderzoek, arbitrage, winkelinrichtingen, meubel en keuken, plaatsbeschrijvingen.
“Naar een kwaliteitsvolle Baukultur voor Europa”
Nouveau projets, modernisations, restaurations, aménagements de commerces, expertises, arbitrage, meubles  et cuisines états de lieux.
Private projecten, openbare projecten met o.a Stad Brussel Grondregie, interieur inrichtingen, meubelmakerij, zware of lichte verbouwingen.
Projets pour la Régie FoncièreVille de Bruxelles Régie Foncière, projets privés, transformations divers, ….

Contact Us

Walther Decleyn


Gediplomeerd architect, Sint Lukas Brussel, met 36 jaar vakkundige ervaring. Ingeschreven op de lijst van de Orde van Architecten. Mandataris bij Orde van Architecten 2009-2020 - actueel voorzitter.

Zetel te 1000 Brussel
Zavelstraat 9/5
Ondernemingsnummer : BE.0898.039.658
Stamnummer : B400222

0475 529910

email  (at) archi-tect.be